Second Son Read Along: Chapter 24

Second Son Read Along

Only four chapters (and an epilogue) to go! I can’t believe that the read along is almost over. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have, and that you’ve been enjoying the Fantasy Month hoopla, as well!

Today we dive right in with the special knighting ceremony for Brant, the new King’s Warrior. Hmmm, where have we heard that term before? *grin*

It is a less than perfect day for the occasion, but no matter, the ceremony complete, Brant gets right to business, educating Arnaud on this new threat that has breached their shores: seheowks. Unfortunately, in order to explain about the seheowks, Brant also has to give Arnaud a bit of a world history lesson, which pretty much leaves him more confused than he was before. But Arnaud is a good sport and a quick learner, and even though Brant is stretching his mind rather quickly, he trusts his friend and is willing to take Brant’s word for it. However, it is possible that Brant is revealing more of his own history than he realizes… Arnaud is fairly perceptive, something Brant seems to have forgotten. And yet, Arnaud doesn’t say anything, content to let Brant reveal information about himself when he’s ready.

Ah, to have a friend like Arnaud!

Also, you might notice that I’ve inserted my own version of Arthurian Legend here… and there are more references later on in Minstrel’s Call, as well. I didn’t want this series to be an Arthurian retelling, but I like paying homage to my favorite stories.


The story takes a moment to give you a glimpse of Seamas and the demons he is fighting. Smothering beneath the guilt of Jhasen’s murder, he sees Faeyna’s death as his rightful punishment, and as being directly his fault. The weight of the lives Jhasen might have saved are beginning to pile up on Seamas’ shoulders, and becoming a burden too great for him to bear.

Patrolling the borders

Meanwhile, some time has passed in Aom-igh, and King Arnaud and his men have been patrolling the shoreline, battling seheowks and strengthening their defenses.

However, he inadvertently left one weak spot in their defenses at the Harshlands Outpost, trusting to the hostile and inhospitable nature of the Harshlands to deter enemies. When Arnaud suddenly receives word that the seheowks have amassed at this spot and the small number of men guarding the outpost need reinforcements, he sends a messenger to find Brant and then takes his own regiment and rushes to assist the knights at the outpost. His appearance raises their spirits, but how much can one man do to turn the tide of such overwhelming odds?

Discussion Questions:

1. I think we’ve gotten far enough into the book for me to ask… who is your favorite character in this story so far?

2. Is there anything you hope will be wrapped up or accomplished before the final page has turned?

3. Do you have any questions for me?

~ jenelle


Sarah Pennington

1. I don’t know. I like Brant, I guess? And Arnaud’s pretty cool. I don’t have strong feelings about anyone really.
2. I want to see Arnaud and Zara married and maybe see what leads to the change from “Brant is the King’s Warrior” to “Brant is a farmer living in the middle of nowhere.”

Jill Stengl

1. Favorite character? Brant, I think. I really like Arnaud too, though.
2. I would really like to see Brant find happiness and love.
3. Not really. I’m just reading and enjoying! Glad to get caught up again. :-)

Jack Lewis Baillot

I am still sad I was too busy to join in. I plan to reread the whole series soon though


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