Second Son Read Along: Chapter 25

Second Son Read Along

Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s back to the story we go… lalalalalalalalalala… oh, um… sorry about that. It’s been a SUPER long week and I’m just feeling a little loopy and so glad it’s Friday!! But let’s get back into the story and see what there is to see.

Never sneak up on a warrior

Not that this squire was exactly trying to be sneaky. In his defense, he was making rather a lot of noise, but Brant’s nerves are a bit on edge, so… let’s forgive him for overreacting a bit.

Ooooh, intrigue… this young squire’s name is Justan! That won’t mean anything to those of you starting with this book, but you might want to file it away in case you continue on to read the rest of the series!

And his message galvanizes Brant into immediate action, which is very Brant-like of him. Our King’s Warrior is not one to go around resting on his laurels.


Meanwhile, Arnaud’s burst of heroic inspiration has begun to fade as the battle rages on, the light of day is fading (and with it their one advantage over the seheowks who don’t particularly love light of any kind) and the knights are growing weary. But Arnaud clings firmly to the belief that his adopted brother will arrive and somehow turn the tide of this losing battle. A faith that is swiftly rewarded.

I love how Brant just kind of rides up and acts as though someone rang a bell for him to deliver dinner.

The Battle

Battle scenes are not easy to write, though I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at it over the years. This one has a bit of a surprise ending, which is good, because I wasn’t entirely certain how they were going to get out of this mess… and in the original draft something very different happened… but my editors and I decided that Justan could have a moment of importance here and it would work out well for everyone.

Discussion Question:

1. Have you read any good books with exceptionally written battle scenes? (I could use the resources)

~ jenelle



Sanderson is the MASTER of epic fantasy battle scenes. I can’t remember if you’ve read his books or not, but they have some of the best battle scenes I’ve ever read.

I’m trying to remember if I’ve met Justan yet . . .and also, I’m curious; how did the battle originally go?


I’ve read his Mistborn trilogy, Steelheart, and the books he helped finish for Robert Jordan. (Loved the battle-book at the end of that series). Wasn’t as big a fan of Mistborn.

I’m trying to remember, I think the battle originally went, “And then they fought even harder and overcame the odds by sheer determination.” My editor said, “Um, no… that makes no sense.” :)

Jill Stengl

To be honest, I’m not into epic fantasy battle scenes! Maybe I have had enough of war in my life already, with a military-history major as a son and a WWII-expert husband–both of them war veterans.
I don’t remember many characters or lands from King’s Warrior, but I look forward to meeting Justan when I read it again. :-D


That makes sense. I like the big, epic battles… though I prefer the kind in LOTR, where it feels big and epic and sweeping… but in reality only takes up a few paragraphs/a page or two of description.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!