Second Son Read Along: Chapter 4

Second Son Read Along

Good afternoon! Hope you’re all having a lovely week. Today is Friday!! Huzzah! As such, I’m posting a little earlier for convenience….  Let’s take a quick look at chapter 4, shall we?

A time-jump

Chapter four begins five years after the end of chapter 3. Rhoyan and Ky have drifted apart, pursuing their own interests and studies. Rhoyan feels this distance keenly, and acknowledges his own part in it, but he has no idea how to bridge the chasm that has opened between them.

Meanwhile, Ky has just been advanced to the Kestrel rank, five years early. I enjoyed writing the progression of thoughts Rhoyan has here as Ky’s announcement triggers his thoughts whirling ahead to the end of their training. “No full-fledged aethalon would want to crawl through muddy tunnels or go swimming in the ocean with his little brother.” In spite of the time-jump, Rhoyan is still quite young. Too young to realize that in another 10-15 years… HE probably won’t want to crawl through muddy tunnels, either.

In spite of his concerns for the future, and a few harsh words and hurt feelings exchanged between them, they do end up returning to the caves before Ky leaves for his apprenticeship.

I like to think that they part on good terms.


Though Rhoyan does not know it, he is about to set out on a new path, as well, and nothing will ever be the same. For the weight on Rhoyan’s shoulders is immense, though he knows nothing of it yet. I had a lot of fun creating this house and the animated objects that Sheyardin has created to serve him. I also enjoyed the character of Sheyardin and how he really just sort of elbowed his way into the story. But he insisted that he made sense and there wasn’t a whole lot of arguing I could do with that! His dialogue with Rhoyan and the friendship that begins here was one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing this book.

And here we begin to learn where Rhoyan learned how to speak Old Kraic, recognize myth-folk even in their human forms, and various other important lessons he will probably need later in life.

Discussion Questions:

1. Did you get the feeling that Ky and Rhoyan might be able to part on good terms? Or do you picture their last time exploring the tunnels as simply a further extension of the tense/strained relationship they’ve been experiencing for the past several years?

2. Did it surprise you that Ky was raised to the next rank so early, in light of the arguments everyone made a few chapters ago NOT to raise Rhoyan’s rank early? How do you feel about that?

3. What do you think of Sheyardin’s house?

4. How about Sheyardin himself? Did you guess his true nature before Rhoyan did?


~ jenelle


Jill Stengl

I was glad when the brothers did one more cave-exploration together–I hope it was fun and eased the strain between them.
I did find it surprising that they advanced Ky early, but I assumed it was so he and Rhoyan would never be in a level at the same time.
Sheyardin’s house was fun, and I suspected he was some kind of mythical creature in human form–I wasn’t sure which kind, but dragon makes sense!

I’m really enjoying reading this for the read-along and look forward to your comments on each chapter. :-)

Sarah Pennington

1. I was glad that at least if they were parting, and probably wouldn’t be friends when they returned to each other, that they parted doing the thing they used to love doing together. So, yes, I think they parted on good terms.
2. Not since the tournament chapter emphasized how advanced he was for his age. Plus, he’s the prince and most people assume he’s going to be king. They probably expect him to be mature and skilled fo rhis age.
3. Kinda cool. Kinda weird. Vaguely Disney Beauty and the Beast-ish.
4. I guessed he was some kind of myth-creature or wizard or such. I didn’t expect him to be a dragon, though. Do others know he’s a dragon? I’m curious.


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