Good afternoon, dear Readers! I am so pleased and excited to tell you that the proof copies of Second Son arrived last night and looked absolutely wonderful! I approved the proof and have simply been waiting to tell you about it until they actually went live on amazon, which they did just a few moments ago.

You can find it HERE!

Thank you so much for your patience with us. Here in the Stormcave, we are all super excited and giddy. This project took a lot longer than any of us anticipated, but it is finally complete, and let me tell you, it feels Really, Really Good. :)

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to this project – they’re thanked in the Acknowledgements Section…. but I wanted to give a little more detail for a moment:

James Walker – my dad, my content editor, and the person who most constantly encourages me to keep it up! Thank you for never giving up on me, for being willing to help me hone my writing, and for helping me so much when it comes to cutting out extra words/sentences/pages, and for helping my battle speeches not sound quite so ridiculous. :) Thank you for the hard work you do and all your comments and suggestions. I do use most of them. Thank you for loving my characters and stories so much, and for helping me make them shine to the best of their ability.

Nancy Walker – my mom, my line editor, and my biggest fan (which is awesome, particularly since Fantasy isn’t her first choice of things to read). Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that “alright” isn’t technically a word… and that my rough draft characters spend far too much time smiling. Thank you for catching the typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors (like the fact that somewhere along the way I picked up a preference for British spellings of many (but not all) words)!!! Your attention to detail is most appreciated.

Angelina Walker – my incredibly talented sister-in-love who did the water color paintings for both books (and He Whistles for the Cricket), and did such a fantastic, lovely job of making the story within the book come to life in the pictures. And for putting up with me being not any good at all when it comes to helpful art critique.

Grant Walker – my brother, who helped Angelina time and again with suggestions for various pieces to include in the cover, and who posed as her model for Brant on the cover of King’s Warrior.

Evan Walker – my brother and graphic designer (and the person most responsible for how awesome this website looks!) for struggling with CreateSpace over the graphic design portion of Second Son’s cover and their absolute inability to figure out how to print with a non-existent “transparency” on the image… we’re still baffled about that one. Thanks for sticking with it, Evan!

Claire Walker – my other wonderful sister-in-love, for letting Evan spend so much time working on Second Son’s cover to get it JUST RIGHT!

Derek Schmidt – my awesome, wonderful, supportive, encouraging husband, who contributes to every stage of the game. From encouraging me to write something new, to offering editing suggestions, to being the most detail-oriented person I have ever met when it comes to suggestions for covers/formatting/etc, to just always being my rock when things are not happening as fast as I’d like them to.

Ally Morcom – for being my only beta reader who provided any feedback! Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and for catching a few punctuation errors that slipped through the cracks. I really appreciate your willingness to help me out with that!

Brittany Walker – my incredible sister, who just always is my biggest cheerleader and can make me smile no matter what.

To all my wonderful author and blogger friends who helped make the cover reveal for this book super special. Thank you for your enthusiasm, I love you all!

And to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me the ability to write in the first place, and for putting this wonderful, supportive, talented, awesome family around me.

Thank you, all of you, so very much. I love you all to pieces.

~ jenelle



Jack says for me to tell you this is so very excited and she is very glad that it all worked on the final send in and she can’t wait to get her own copy and read it. She says to tell you congratulations and the cover looks wonderful and she knows the story is going to be amazing.



Congratulations! What a great support system you have there. And go, Jenelle’s mom! “Alright” drives me crazy.

You probably picked up the British spellings from reading really good books. My own kids do the same, and occasionally use the odd phrase that could only have come from a British author’s pen.

I’m looking forward to reading your books when I have a break in my editing. The excerpts and interview look great, and I love finding well-written, clean YA to recommend.


I’m so excited!!!!! I would leave a much longer comment but I must go to Amazon NOW….



I love hearing from you, dear Reader!