I was going to do a “Stuff I Like” post… or perhaps a “Shameless Self-Promotion Post” about my upcoming “Sequel” later this “Spring” entitled “Second Son”… which is seriously a lot of “S’s” I could have scribed about…. BUT then it came to my attention last week that there is a fantastic family movie about pirates and buried treasure out there that is apparently woefully more unpopular than I feel it should be!!! How is this possible? (snark)

In my pirate post last Thursday, I posted a picture of a pirate… possibly my favorite EVIL pirate ever. And nobody seemed to know who he was. Sadness! I shall attempt to remedy that by doing a brief review of the movie he stars in: Shipwrecked (1990).

Meet Haakon Haakonson a young boy living with his family in 1850s England. When his sailor-father is injured on the job and cannot return to sea, Haakon hires himself out in his place in order to prevent his family’s home from being repossessed. Aboard the ship, Haakon makes friends with Jens (a friend of his father’s and a sort of father-figure looking out for Haakon on his first sea voyage), and Mary (a stowaway girl).

When the captain becomes ill (I can’t remember if he dies or not), command of the ship falls to Lt. John Merrick. Haakon is intimidated by the man at first, but then slowly realizes his fear of the man is far more deserved than simple intimidation would account for… you see… Merrick is actually… A PIRATE!

Through a series of events, Haakon, Jens, and Mary end up shipwrecked on an island, where Haakon discovers Merrick’s buried treasure. Realizing that the pirates will be back for their treasure, Haakon and his friends proceed to booby-trap the island in hopes of thwarting the pirates and making off with the treasure themselves (as Haakon still wishes to save his family from poverty and return home a hero).


Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie… GO WATCH IT. This is cheesy pirate adventure at its absolute finest!

~ jenelle


Lucy's Reality (@LucysReality)

My daughter, who I think might just be a bigger movie buff than me and loves Pirate movies too, well, I bet she has seen it. I am going to ask her about this one. I’ll be honest I really have only seen the Johnny Depp Pirate movies.


You have done the blog world a great service in doing a little review of this movie! Fun Stuff!

Tony Laplume

I loved that movie when I was a kid (I haven’t seen it since so I can’t say what I might think of it now), just one of many movies I discovered and loved watching TV on a weekend afternoon.

John Wiswell

Man, I was dying to see this movie when it first came out. I was exactly the right age for it, totally into pirates, and then my whole family got sick and I missed it. By the time it hit video I was just a little too old. I mourned.


I found the comment about the King’s Warrior eXtras, by the way! :) That post is written and scheduled for Saturday!


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