I promised you that today I would talk about the second of the two memes I’m creating with author-friend DJ Edwardson.

Have you ever heard of the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”?

Six Degrees of Kool Books ImageI’ve heard different variations on this game. In one, you start with a movie, pick an actor in that movie, and then you think of another movie that same actor was in, then you pick a different actor from the second movie and so on and so forth. The goal is to get to a movie with Kevin Bacon in it in six movies or less.

“Six Degrees of Kool Books” is the other meme… or actually, it’s more like a game… DJ and I are starting that is sort of based on the premise of the Kevin Bacon game… but with a twist. (Yes, we do know how to spell “cool.” The “k” is to hearken back to the original game and Kevin Bacon’s name).

Here’s how it will work:

In the very first stage, all you have to do is read! Next week, April 1st, DJ will be writing a blog post about a book he has read, and discussing some of the characters in that book. The week after that, I (and anyone who wants to join us) will be picking one of the characters he talks about and writing a post about a different character in a different book that DJ’s character post reminded me/us of. The next week we’ll be back at DJ’s blog where he will discuss a character in another book that the character I posted about reminds him of. And so on and so forth.

The beauty of the game is that since the discussion will be about characters and their traits, it doesn’t matter whether you or I have read the original book or know their characters, because hopefully we’ll get a good feel for the characters from the post and be able to respond.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our “SIX DEGREES OF KOOL BOOKS” adventure which will be starting NEXT WEEK over on DJ’s blog all you have to do next week is read his post (I’ll direct you over there next week in case you’ve forgotten) and then come up with your own post for the following week based off of one of the characters he mentions! All we ask is that if you do participate on any given week, to please link back to my and/or DJ’s blogs on your own “Six Degrees” post, and that you add your name and the URL to your blog POST to the linky widget for that week so that everyone can check out each other’s posts. If you do not have a blog, you can still participate by simply telling us what you’re currently or about to read in a comment.


And, if you’re still confused… DJ POSTED today about this whole idea as well, and I think he did a better job explaining it than I just did. (It was his idea, after all). :)

(The jury is still out on this linky thing… we’ll see if I can get it to obey).



~ jenelle



Another fun activity! You’re going to make me a more active blogger. Thank you.
(And the link works for me!)

Jenelle Schmidt IT’S ALIVE!

[…] Six Degrees of Kool Books is getting kicked off today! So head on over to DJ’s (HERE!) to read about the first book and set of characters. (He’s going pretty easy on us for this first installment!) Then get to work on your own response post! Mister Linky is working over on DJ’s site, so whenever you have your post written, you can go ahead and put in your name and post URL so we can come visit your site! […]


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