It is snowing here! For those of you joining us recently, you may not know this about me, but I absolutely love snow. I grew up in the midwest, and have been relocated for the past few years in the South, where I endure the weather most of the year… and it never snows quite enough for me. So, when we do get snow, the excitement around our house is just ridiculous!

Thought I’d share a little poem that popped into my head this morning as I watched the snow coming down… and it continues to come down, which just makes me incredibly happy. Sometimes, the words just come, like a gift from God. Kind of like the snow itself…


Flittering flakes flurry down

A blanket of whiteness covers the ground

The world softens, deepens in snow

Quiet reigns, quietly go

Boots crunch, breath steams

Skies darken, a child dreams

Crystals coming down to earth

Season of death before rebirth

Shouts of laughter, snowballs fly

Angels flutter from the sky

Whispering wind whips at your nose

Hot cocoa warms you to your toes.

~Jenelle Schmidt 2/24/15


~ jenelle


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