Stands of Night: April 2016


Nope, that’s not a joke. That is actually what my nightstand looks like.

After I cleaned it off to take the picture.

So fear not! My nightstand is not as sad and lonely as it looks in the picture. It looks this way because I’m currently only reading one book, and I can’t post a picture of it because it’s a beta-read, and although the author kindly sent me an actual paperback copy of the book, which was quite thoughtful, I don’t think he would appreciate me posting a picture of it since the cover hasn’t been revealed yet, and this may not be sporting the final cover. However, I am getting a sneak peek at DJ Edwardson’s The Last Motley, a foray into classic fantasy. (pssst, I’m really enjoying it!)

I also have a book on hold at the library that I need to go pick up, it’s Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones. I was perusing the online catalogue and discovered to my boundless delight that they have quite a lot of her books in the system here, so I promptly requested one that I haven’t read yet that a lot of my online buddies have recommended! Yay!

I’m also reading the Tales of Robin Hood to Leiana for school, as well as Arabian Nights with the kids before bed most nights (I haven’t read either before, so it’s fun to discover a couple of classics that I’ve been heretofore missing out on!)

So those are the books on my Nightstand this month. What are you reading for fun these days?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Yay! Glad to “see” you’re making progress on The Last Motley. And thanks for keeping the cover a secret!

I am finally reading “Elements of Style” right now. Can’t believe I’ve never read it before. Can’t quite say it’s “fun”, but it is very helpful. Should be required reading for all writers. Quite short as well, but applying all of the advice inside is no mean feat!


Well, of course I’d keep that a secret! :) I am nearly finished, actually, I read a TON of it yesterday and had a hard time putting it down so that I could go to bed… the end is zipping by and I’m really enjoying it. My goal is to have all my notes and things to you by this weekend. (Also, I apologize in advance, I am far better as an editor than a beta-reader, so you’re getting more “editor” type notes than strictly beta-reading type ones… but the good news is that means I’m not running into any major plot-hole type things)

Elements of Style is fantastic! Another really good one is “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” by Lynne Trusse (you get some more of the British vs. American rules, but she does tell you what the American rules are as well), and it’s actually quite entertaining in addition to informative and helpful.


I’ve been reading the Tales of Goldstone Wood books and so far, I’m really enjoying them! :)
That’s really cool that you’re reading some classic fantasy. It’s always interesting to see how the stories actually went instead of the movie rewrites and book retellings.


I love the Tales of Goldstone Wood! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! They’re more recent favorites, but I love them to pieces!

Yes, I love classic, epic fantasy! New and old!

Allan James

“Everyone will want to meet the man who pulled us out of the fire by throwing everything else into it”

Such a Great Story…..and so cleverly presented.

That is the book on my “nightstand” at present.


Is it really, horribly sad that I… um… didn’t recognize that quote at first?

I do not know what has happened to my memory… but if you see it wandering around, lost and alone… could you send it back to me?

Deborah O'Carroll

It took me a moment to “get” the title of this post… and then it hit me like an over-stuffed bookshelf and I went OH! XD I love it though! :D And it reminded me to go do a post of my own, so I just did! ^_^

Aww, your poor nightstand looks so LONELY! :O But that’s good that it’s mostly an illusion. ;) Ooh, D.J.’s book sounds cool! Yay fantasy! I can’t wait to hear about it and/or what you think! :) Yay for Robin Hood and Arabian Nights — sounds fun! :) AND DARK LORD OF DERKHOLM! :D *cheers* I haven’t read it in a looong time and it was I think the third one I read so I didn’t “get” DWJ’s weird awesomeness yet, so it took me awhile to get into it but I loved it. I hope you will too! Also excited to hear what you think of that one! :)

Sounds like some exciting reading you have going this April! Happy reading! ^_^


Hahaha, yeah, I was bored with the “normal” title for the meme… and since I’ve been reading DJ’s book and he tends to flip ordinary turns of phrase on their heads and them make them sit up and beg, I felt inspired. :)

I have to go get the book… since I just realized that my request expires after today! Yikes!

Happy reading to you, too! Loved your post, will come by and comment later!!

Savannah Perran

I just finished beta reading a book for a friend and loved it like CRAZY, but I don’t have anything else lined up. Yet. I’m sure I’ll find something soon enough :D.


That’s awesome! Hope you can find the next book to dive into, soon! Being between books can be such a fun and yet daunting place to be! :)

Rawls E. Fantasy

My dad used to read to us Arabian Nights and I loved it! How are you liking it so far?
I’m currently reading through the Lunar Chronicles. I enjoyed Cinder a lot. :)


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!