Summer Reading

I apologize for the quiet over here. Rest assured, I am still here. Still alive. Maybe only barely functioning… but still here. I actually have a lot of things lined up for this little blog throughout the summer, but May has been kind of a quiet month, as I’m focusing on finishing up this first pass of edits so I can get Minstrel’s Call off to my line editor and beta readers by June 1st. Lofty goal… especially as we’re already in the last full week of May (AHHH! Don’t tell me that, not already!)

Speaking of which, consider this my call for beta readers! If you’re interested in reading the third draft of Minstrel’s Call and helping me polish it, shoot me an email at and let me know – I will be sending out beta copies around June 15th. The story is approximately 200,000 words, so I realize it is a massive undertaking to read through it, and it is the last book in the series… and probably the book that is least able to stand on its own, since it definitely builds on the happenings and character development of King’s Warrior and Yorien’s Hand. However, if any brave souls wish to take the plunge, I thought I’d throw that out there.

I will also have need for ARC readers hopefully later this year, so if your summer is already full, there will be other chances to read Minstrel’s Call prior to its release.

Speaking of reading, I am going to be taking the summer off from the Nightstand Books meme. I will not be taking the summer off from reading, of course, and thought I’d share the list of books I hope to read this summer… in no particular order.

Book I’m beta reading… this one’s due back to the author by June 1st… so I definitely need to get cracking on it! Enjoying it so far.

I am currently also in the midst of re-reading the Thursday Next novels, and there are a few I’ve never read, so part of why I’m re-reading the series is to brush up and refresh my memory on the first books so I can finally read the rest of the series.


High up on my list is to finish re-reading the first two books in the Chronotrace Sequence so I can read the final book in the trilogy. I’m super excited to see how everything turns out and see if we ever get to find out about Adan’s past. I have some guesses, but they are seriously just wild stabs in the dark, because the character’s past is a very well-kept secret so far.


I just purchased Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s latest release: A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold which I am extremely anxious to read. I also grabbed Draven’s Light, the only book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood I haven’t read yet… not sure which I’ll read first, but I definitely want to get to both of them soon!

Stengl Books

The Martian was a birthday present from a dear friend and I am very excited to read it. I’ve been wanting to read it since I saw the movie in the theater, so it’s high on my priority list.


And, of course, whenever Five Magic Spindles releases, I’m going to grab a copy and read it right away!

So, what’s on YOUR summer reading list?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Nice to see pictures from the front of the covers. I hope you can get to Ascent of the Nebula sometime this summer!

I’m currently reading Redwall and enjoying it. I’m hoping to finally read Secrets Kept this summer. Others I’ve got my eye on are Matilda and the next couple of books in the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson.

Ah, there’s something about summer and reading isn’t there? The perfect combination.


I love Redwall. Secrets Kept is awesome. I keep hearing about the Wingfeather Saga… will definitely have to try to get a copy at some point.

Yes, summer and reading… like hot cocoa and vanilla ice cream (you thought I was going to say “marshmallows”! hahaha) Just give me a good book and a clear view of the horizon.

Deborah O'Carroll

Yay, all the books! :D Looks like some awesome summer reading. ^_^

*twitches because I’m really dying to read Minstrel’s Call but I somehow haven’t read the first two because they are large/daunting and something deadline-ish keeps coming up and I have so many things to beta right now ack* Good luck on your edits!!! You can do it! :D But even if I don’t beta, I’ll definitely try to be ready to read an ARC. ^_^ I NEED THAT BOOK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER YESSSS. <3


I am so excited about all these books. However, I have to find a way not to hear about any new ones for a while so I can focus. And then there’s always the siren call of the library…. beckoning…

Awww, yay!!! :) *grins happily*

Liv K. Fisher

Fun! It’s exciting to hear of the progress on MINSTREL’S CALL! :)
I’m reading A BRANCH OF SILVER, A BRANCH OF GOLD, right now, and it’s my favourite of Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s books, so far! It’s very creepy, but the writing style is incredible (and creepiness isn’t always a bad thing)! :D
The books on my summer to-read list are FIVE MAGIC SPINDLES (of course!), Jaye L. Knight’s ILYON CHRONCILES, Morgan L. Busse’s FOLLOWER OF THE WORD trilogy, and Gillian Bronte Adams’s SONGKEEPER CHRONICLES. :)


I am so excited about A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold (I love 12 Dancing Princesses anyway, so that’s fun).

The Ilyon Chronicles are on my book shelf and on my list of “to read soon” but I was trying to keep my summer reading goals mildly reasonable… which is probably just silly of me :)

I need to get the next book in the Songkeeper Chronicles as well… and I keep hearing Morgan Busse’s name, and think I would enjoy her, as well….. ahhhhhhhhhh! NEED ALL THE BOOKS!


I really want to read A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold!! Stengl writes such beautiful prose. :)
Yay, Five Magic Spindles! Can’t wait!! <3


Great list! I haven’t seen The Martian movie yet, but the book is fantastic. I read most of it on the drive back from Minnesota after Christmas. I’ve heard from people who have read the book and seen the movie that both are great, but, of course, the book is better. I hope you enjoy it!


I am looking forward to reading it. I classified the movie as “best movie I saw in 2015″ (with “Man from U.N.C.L.E” as a very close second).


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!