Thoughts on Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman was perhaps the best super hero movie I’ve seen since…. Avengers. The first one. From beginning to almost-end, this movie was a beautiful, satisfying, epic ride. It was highly enjoyable.

It was one of the first movies I’ve seen in a long time where I felt like every character was truly likable, which was a nice change. It was also fun to see Robin Wright in a movie again. And while she played a very different character than the one she plays in my all-time favorite movie, for the short time she was on-screen she was compelling.

Also, I just really get a kick out of this meme with regards to recent movie-events:


Movies that make my nerdy little heart sing just because of their nerdy aspect are the best. But enough about that.

My Thoughts:

1. Young Diana is SO. CUTE! This point might be helped out a bit by the fact that young Diana could be my niece’s twin: not just in looks, but in feisty personality. But, wow. She is adorable. And a very believable young Diana. I would have watched a whole movie about young Diana, she was that good.

2. I am not a fan of movies that are all about “girl power.” It just doesn’t thrill me. Probably because those movies are generally filled with militant, abrasive, unattractive personalities. I very much appreciated that Wonder Woman was NOT one of those movies. Despite being about a superhero female set in the actually male-dominated early 1900s of World War I, this movie did not feel like it had any sort of agenda. It showed that there were inequalities back then, but did not make a big point out of them. And Diana never came across as abrasive or man-hating. I actually liked the twist that made the Amazons of Themyscira seem more like a race of super-humans, than an island of macho women who hate men. I felt that the underlying theme of Wonder Woman was not that there is a problem with “men” but with “humanity” as a whole. Perhaps that wasn’t the movie-makers’ intent, but that’s how it came across. I loved that Diana was extremely capable due to her training, but I also loved that she got all gushy when she saw a baby and wanted to go look at it, I loved that she saw the suffering of those living near the front lines and couldn’t refrain from helping, I loved her awkwardness and her innocence. I guess I should admit that Wonder Woman has never really been a favorite super hero of mine. I was always more of a Batman fan (and the only thing Wonder Woman had going for her until recently in my opinion was that she was also a fan of Batman (referencing the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons)). haha. But Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has changed my opinion of her. If she continues to stay true to this version of the character, well, she’s turned me into a fan.

3. The relationship between Steve and Diana was really cute. From the awkward moments to the “I find you attractive” moments to the moments of mutual respect for each other’s separate strengths… I just really liked how the relationship was built.

4. The funny. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I need a little humor in my stories in order to really fall in love with them. This movie did a good job of blending laugh-out-loud humor with sweet humor, but keeping those themes in the background. Nothing about World War I was funny, and I also appreciated the serious tone of the movie that was the running underscore.

5. The heart-wrenching. I found myself choked up in several places throughout the movie. This one did a good job pulling at my heartstrings without doing any obvious “emotion manipulating” which I tend to dislike. The moments that made me tear up were authentic and deeply moving.

6. Moments of truth. One thing I just really love is when a secular movie or book accidentally displays a message of Truth. These moments are beautiful and poignant, and all the more powerful for knowing that they got into the script unintentionally. There were two such beautiful moments in the movie Wonder Woman. Diana spends most of the movie on a quest to find Ares, the Greek god of war, because she’s convinced that something like “the war to end all wars” could not possibly happen without his influence. She believes that if she finds and kills him, the war will end and humanity will be freed from his spell and grab hands and sing campfire songs of love and friendship forever. Steve, swept along in her quest, tries to explain to her that she is being naive, but she refuses to believe him. Then comes the moment of truth. And this line from Steve: “You don’t think I wish I could tell you that there is one bad guy out there? … Maybe we are all to blame.”

Gave me shivers. Because it was the argument for human depravity, a depravity we cannot blame on Satan, laid out in a blockbuster film that never intended to give any sort of Biblical message. All truth is God’s truth, my friends.

And then, a few minutes later… this moment:

Diana: They [humanity] are everything you say, but so much more… you’re wrong about them.
Ares: They do not deserve your protection.
Diana: It’s not about what you deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.

And right there, in a few simple lines, a bit of the Gospel message. Christ’s love. Christ’s sacrifice for a fallen, sinful world that didn’t deserve His forgiveness, is the only path to salvation and a right relationship with God. Oh, I know that’s not what the script-writers meant. But it doesn’t make it any less true. Love is the only thing that will save the world… but not our love, and not the love of a fictional superhero. No. Love from God himself, sent to earth on our behalf, though we did not deserve Him.

Overall, I thought the movie was beautiful and epic, a fun ride punctuated by moments of sheer sweetness. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of… was the ending. And there were a few moments of awkward that crossed or came close to crossing the line: Steve is naked at one point… and his nakedness was mostly implied, it still felt inappropriate. There was also a rather awkward conversation, which was handled well, but still seemed to go a bit too far into the area of unnecessary. For those reasons, I would not recommend this as a movie to take your young kids to, and I would definitely recommend that parents of teenagers go see it first before deciding whether or not your child can handle it.

And now I’ve come to the end of the “spoiler free” part of the review. And for my thoughts on what I didn’t like, you’ll have to go through River Song…

That ending.

There were things I loved about it, and things I really hated about it. I have a post about the super-hero-movie-verse in general spinning around in my head, and maybe I’ll get around to writing it next week. But really, the only thing that bothered me at all about the movie Wonder Woman was the same thing that has annoyed me about every super hero movie since Avengers 1….

The lameness or ease of defeat of the super villain.

I understand the struggle. I really do. These movies are based on comic books and cartoons that had the luxury of taking YEARS to set up super-villains… and the movies have to not only introduce you to characters and worlds you might not be familiar with, but also set up a compelling villain and then have him get defeated in less than 3 hours. Also, the movie makers don’t know if they’ll get the money for a sequel, so they seem to feel that any kind of BIG loose end or un-tied up thread is absolutely forbidden.

It’s a tough thing to do.

Pretty nearly impossible, it appears… as there hasn’t been a great villain in the Marvel universe since Loki.

But I was enjoying that DC was doing things a bit differently. With Batman V Superman setting up a truly compelling Lex Luthor, and letting him survive to scheme another day (because seriously, when has going to prison ever stopped LEX LUTHOR?) and Suicide Squad, which did a phenomenal job of setting up both Amanda Waller and the Joker as future villains that could actually give the Justice League some competition, I have been enjoying seeing the bad guys actually seem like they might pose a bit of a problem that will take longer than a couple of hours (and a lot of running and punching) to defeat.

And then that’s exactly how they ended Wonder Woman. A massive fist-fight that manages to somehow KILL ARES? Really?

It just all seems too easy, which makes for a not very satisfying ending.

But they could have fixed it in one of two ways… and one of those ways would have cost them nothing.

The more complicated way would be to show Diana dragging a defeated (but alive) Ares back to Themyscira and having the Amazons lock him up behind the door to Tartarus (which they guard in various iterations of the comic/cartoon) and then either be reminded of her “banishment” or choose to leave again and remain in the “real world.”

That would have been satisfying, and made it fairly obvious that Ares is a threat that could rise again. It also would have given the Amazons a compelling and non-cowardly-or-selfish-seeming reason to remain on Themyscira.

However, an even easier way to do it, that would have cost absolutely NOTHING would have been this:

As Diana walks away from the crater, have the camera pan up and over the crater, showing a VERY DEEP… seemingly bottomless hole. This would have made people unfamiliar with the mythology think, “Wow, she made a really big hole when she punched Ares in the face.” And they still would have walked away with a warm, fuzzy, “that was nicely wrapped up” sort of feeling. Already-fans, however, would have been given the hope of a sequel… and would have gone home speculating that Diana had pummeled Ares back into Tartarus… and he might rise again someday.

So easy. It would have been SO EASY to make the ending feel a lot more perfect.


I know this is getting long, but can I just take a minute to sob a little about Steve dying? I wanted him to survive SO BADLY. SO MUCH SADNESS!

But then the movie ends with Bruce sending Diana the original picture and *GASP FLAIL FANGIRL SCREAM* it reminded me that I totally ship Batman and Wonder Woman… and all the feels that go along with the hints in that final scene that they are perfect for each other!!!!

Okay, teenager moment done. Along with my review.

Did you see Wonder Woman yet? What did you think?

~ jenelle


Abbey Stellingwerff

I LOVED the message of Wonder Woman. There were so many parallels to the message in the Bible. That was really cool to see. And I loved Wonder Woman herself. She was, like you said, strong, but not a man-hater. I liked how she kicked butt, but she was also very feminine.
I thought the pacing in the movie could have been better. I thought they spent too much time with the Amazons at the beginning, which didn’t leave enough time to develop Steve’s friends. Since we spend the middle and the end of the movie with them, I thought they deserved a little more screen time, especially since we never see the Amazons again after Diana and Steve leave Themyscira. If the movie makers had done your first alternate ending, we could have gotten closure on the Amazons, and that would have been nice. I feel like the way they did it, however, set up the Amazons really well, and then didn’t follow up with them. Almost like they used them at the beginning to see where Diana came from, and then dropped them because they served their purpose.
Anyway, I enjoyed this movie a lot! I’d like to see it again when it comes out on DVD.


Yeah, Steve’s friends really didn’t get a ton of development… but I thought they did a pretty good job portraying them as fairly three-dimensional despite that lack.

Having watched a lot of superhero cartoons as a kid… and now that I have kids watching all the newer ones… it didn’t bother me too much that once Diana left Themyscira that the Amazons sort of disappeared. I mean, that’s how her story goes… she runs away and is sort of “banished” and that’s that. (Though she does go back a time or two in various episodes to get advice or to help close the doors to Tartarus… so here’s hoping something like that makes an appearance in follow-up movies)!

I am very much looking forward to seeing this one again when it comes to DVD. Probably one I’ll own at some point, as well.

Abbey Stellingwerff

I agree. They were able to develop them as well as they could in the time that they gave them. I liked the Scottish (Irish? I always get those two accents mixed up) guy especially.

That’s cool to know! The only exposure to superheroes that I’ve ever had is from the recent movies (and Wonder Woman was my first DC movie), so I didn’t know that she doesn’t really ever return home. I guess that makes sense with the movie, then! :)


EVER ever? Like, as in, you haven’t even seen Batman Begins??!?!? Seriously, that’s the best DC movie ever. This might be a very close second… though there is the Dark Knight to consider… but… I might still have enjoyed Wonder Woman more….

Claire B.

I really enjoyed the movie! It’s not my favorite superhero film, but it was really good. I teared up both times I saw it and that’s pretty rare for me to do in a movie. I adored Diana and basically loved everything about her. And Steve was awesome and yeah, the ending…. I’m wanting to go back and watch Batman V Superman again for more of her and looking forward to the Justice League movie now. :)

(And yeah, love Batman Begins :) Batman fan because of Christian Bale’s batman)


Christian Bale was the best Batman! But I think Ben Affleck does a pretty phenomenal Bruce Wayne!!! (I like him as Batman, as well… but it’s fun getting to see a more “grown up” Bruce Wayne character than Christian Bale portrayed).

Deborah O'Carroll

I haven’t seen it, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I accidentally-on-purpose read the spoiler part (I know, I’m bad!) and now I kinda don’t wanna see it. o.o But I’m kinda curious. But I haven’t even seen Batman v. Superman (yet!) sooo I’m kind of behind on things anyway. XD


The sad part is sad… but it’s also like… well, this happened back in 1915… he’d be dead by now anyways. LOL

And the end wasn’t that horrible, it just annoys me because I want to see a really great villain… I think what I need is an “Empire Strikes Back” sort of ending with one of these super-hero movies. That would probably satisfy my need for a worthy-villain. :)

Deborah O'Carroll

Strange comment (you can delete if you want)… Internet went out so I did SilmAward stuff on a phone tonight BUT my email locked me out until I can get to a laptop and wifi so thought I would comment here to get in touch. XD Just wanted to add that the typeform intro has last year’s info/award dates, (it had mounts, weapons etc still although this year it is only characters) and Eanrin is spelled as Earning, and Martin’s sword is listed under Mischievous Imp left over from swords last year. Hopefully I will not be needed in conversation tonight… I did schedule my post and send the link but if I disappeared in the conversation this is why. Dunno if you will see this tonight. Thanks! Hopefully I will get Internet soon!

Kate Marie

Hi, Jenelle!! I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I’m so pleased to be hearing nice things about it!!! ESPECIALLY that Diana is nice/not overly aggressive/man-hating… What you said in the beginning of this post is so true – these Strong Woman characters are so… unpleasant. Like, sure! there is nothing wrong with being strong… But couldn’t we portray more than ONE kind of strength??? There is a time and a place for quiet inner strength and yet that never seems to get on screen/page. And these so-called Strong Women aren’t really strong except to be physically intimidating and emotionally dead!!! Honestly, they are pretty fragile once you get past that. So yeah. I’m glad they made Diana a kind gentle person. We need more of that kind of Strength.


Glad you enjoyed the review! I really appreciated the take that the movie-makers put on this story. I completely agree, strength doesn’t always have to be physical or angry or come with a chip on its shoulder. I hope you enjoy the movie whenever you do get to see it.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!