“It is our hope/wish that All Americans can see this Music Video and be genuinely reminded of the Great History and Great Legacy that has been handed down to us and be inspired to BELIEVE the BEST of what America stands for and to renew the Pride that every American should feel about our country and our purposes. Thank you for watching!” – Jim Walker

 “[Perhaps] It does seem hopeless at times.  I guess that I have seen too many movies or read too many books where the impossible certainly was achieved. Many who disagree with the message of this song/video will probably never see it and perhaps never appreciate it.  However, the song is meant as an “appeal”.  There is nothing “in your face” about this song.  The song encompasses ALL of AMERICA and All Americans.  I surely hope that a “war” or a terrorist attack is not required to “Wake Up America”.  So often people lose the vision of who they hoped to be and oftentimes it takes others believing in that person before they can believe in themselves again.  Well, to my delight, there are many, many people who share the heartfelt vision of America that is portrayed in this song.  Our Future Hope rests with them…….and with their ability to persuade the opposition and perhaps remind the opposition of what they have lost and how we all have the chance to regain the best vision of America…………which we hope is expressed in this song.  Thank you so much for your interest.  Please take heart and as Herb Brooks replied when told that his ambition of defeating the Soviets in Olympic Hockey was a “pretty lofty goal”…….to which he replied, “well……that’s why I want to pursue it”.   Returning the American Soul to the American People is indeed a “lofty goal.” – Jim Walker

If you have hope, if you believe that our nation can be great once again, and if you think that is a “lofty goal” worth pursuing, please share this video.
WAKE UP AMERICA by Brittany Jean

~ jenelle

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