Waking to Christmas

Merry Christmas, dear Reader! I pray you have a blessed day, and that the True Reason for Christmas awakens in your heart with a renewed hope and meaning this year. Grace and peace be with you, today and always.

Waking to Christmas


Jenelle Schmidt

There’s magic in the air,

Frost upon the ground

Love everywhere

Family gathered ‘round

I open my eyes:

waking to Christmas

Warmth fills this place

Love fills my soul

My thoughts travel far

Miles across the snow

I open my eyes:

waking to Christmas

What was it like

To open your eyes

That glorious night

The birth of the Christ

I open my eyes:

Re-waking to Christmas.

~ jenelle


Nancy Walker

Thank you, Jenelle! This is SO beautiful and reminds me to “open my eyes” and realize anew the amazing Gift God sent to the world so long ago!
A very beautiful and joyous Christmas to you and all those with whom you surround yourself today!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!