What I Write/Why I Write

I wonder why my words
Never seem to stay
Exactly how I mean them
But change from day to day.

I write what I feel
Deep down inside of me,
Using my pen
Setting my emotions free.

I write what I see
In the world around
People I meet
Their stories abound.

I write to remember
Feelings I’ve felt,
Struggling to record
Hands that I’ve been dealt.

I write to fascinate
To evoke emotion,
I write to create:
Express fantastic notions.

I write to reveal
The deepest part of me
Thoughts, dreams, ideals
Helping others see.

I offer only insights
To try and leave you thoughtful
And perhaps to shed some light
Upon this darkening world.

And so, dear reader,
I give my words to you
Do with them what you will
Be harsh not in your view.

~ jenelle

I love hearing from you, dear Reader!