Word Poem

First of all, last week’s giveaway ended and I want to extend many congratulations to SARAH for winning a paperback copy of Because… Anonymous by Diana Sharples!

Now, on to today’s post…

One of the fun things about being a home-school mom is that sometimes I get to “tag along” on my children’s creative writing exercises. A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter had to write a word poem. The exercise called for her to pick a word, then follow a series of prompts about it to craft the poem. I thought it sounded like fun, so I tried my hand at it. (But instead of picking my own I used her word, because I loved it).

Felicitous Poem (1)

~ jenelle



JENELLE. This. is. GORGEOUS. That last line just kinda took my breath away. It looks like something Anne from Anne of Green Gables would come up with. Purely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us! ^_^


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Awww, your comment just made my day :) (I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, she is definitely a “kindred spirit”)


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